We were happy to welcome our Erasmus friends in our laboratory of organic chemistry; for a short presentation of polymers  by Italian chemistry teacher Lara Anelli and an interesting experiment.

Afer wearing lab coat, glasses and gloves we started working, each Italian chemical acted as a tutor to two Erasmus friends.

We created nylon  6.10 and some resorcinol, this experiment required a lot of attention for dangerous substance to be used.

For the nylon 6.10 we used chloride sebacoile, carbon tetrachloride, sodium hydroxide in tablets, hexamethylenediamine and nylon yarn.

For the formation of solid resorcine we used hydrochloric acid, resorcinol an formaldehyde and obteing a pink solid compact.

This experiment allowed to distinguish the polymer in plastic polymer.

This experience has allowed us to explain in English what we study every day and to give and appointment for the next day for the trip to IRLE in Brescia.