Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg (WNB), Vocational College in Herford, Germany

The particular situation in Herford and its environment is characterized by a high amount of re-settlers, migrants and a disproportional lack of apprenticeships. At WNB teenagers and young adults from all social backgrounds are taught in different courses of education. These reach from classes with young adults without indentures to courses of A-level education. This bears many chances and a lot of tension which is experienced by teachers and students at WNB very closely every day.


The core areas at WNB are construction and civil engineering, woodworking, nutrition, color & design and agriculture. In all fields of education the theory of the subjects are taught.

Full-time courses end with exams on all general secondary levels:

– General A-levels with focus on Art and English (university entrance degree)

– Subject-related A-levels in courses of construction, woodworking and design

  (entrance degree for universities of applied science)

– Technician in the field of civil engineering

– B-levels in courses of woodworking and design

– CSE in courses of woodworking and construction

– Job preparation courses without certificate for students for who school is still compulsory

  and who are without indenture


Wilhelm-Normann-Vocational College is currently attended by round about 1850 students. Around 1310 of them are part-time students, the remaining 540 take full-time courses. There are 86 teachers, 27 work part-time.