The activity of our institution dates back to 50 years ago; it was born as a branch of I.T.I.S. “Molinari” (Milan) and “Volta” (Lodi) and it has been autonomous since 1968. It is dedicated to “Angelo de Cesaris” from Casalpusterlengo he was an abbot but also a scientist and astronomer, director of the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan. …read more.
At the beginning of its history it only offered a specialization in Industrial Chemistry as this was required by the presence in the area of important Chemical Industries; from 1981 other courses were added and now our school offers 5 different courses:

  • Technical School for Chemistry
  • Technical School for Electronics and Automation
  • Technical School for Information Technology and Telecommunications

Technical School for International Relations and Marketing
High School for Science (Liceo delle Scienze applicate)
The schools consists of 63 classes attended by 1437 students. The teaching staff is made up of 146 teachers.
In 2002 our school obtained the Quality Certification