• OSKARRR Our Students Keep Active about Reducing Recycling Reusing


    OSKARRR Our Students Keep Active about Reducing Recycling Reusing

    Summary of the project

    The primal ideas for the project OSKARRR (Our Students Keep Active about Reducing Recycling Reusing) result from the basic thought to have students from different learning levels, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds work together in a project that is sustainable .

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  • Wilhelm Normann Berufskolleg - Herford


    Wilhelm Normann Berufskolleg - Herford

    Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg (WNB), Vocational College in Herford, Germany

    The particular situation in Herford and its environment is characterized by a high amount of re-settlers, migrants and a disproportional lack of apprenticeships. At WNB teenagers and young adults from all social backgrounds are taught in different courses of education. . …read more.

  • IIS


    IIS "A. Cesaris" - Casalpusterlengo
    The activity of our institution dates back to 50 years ago; it was born as a branch of I.T.I.S. “Molinari” (Milan) and “Volta” (Lodi) and it has been autonomous since 1968. It is dedicated to “Angelo de Cesaris” from Casalpusterlengo he was an abbot but also a scientist and astronomer, director of the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan. …read more.
  • Lycée Sainte Cécile - Albi


    Lycée Sainte Cécile - Albi

    Lycée Sainte Cécile

    Our school is located in the South West of France in Albi on the River Tarn, 85 km northeast of Toulouse. Our episcopal  city has been part of World Heritage sites since 2010.

    Our school welcomes 600 students with 5 different courses. read more.

  • Italy


    The theoretical basis to examine the subject will be based on laws, action recommendations, existing measures and projects in the partner countries as well as the critical discussion of consumer behavior in a throwaway society. This will be followed by impulses from science and economy through participation in an EU-funded environmental project (water analysis) as well as the visit and tour at the refinery Saras. These examples in step with actual practice clear up the necessity and the possibilities of sustainable handling of resources. Further recommended actions can be developed and put into action by the individual.

  • Germany


    through active participation in a recycling design competition creative and innovative possibilities of recycling will be shown. In addition, problem solving strategies and craftsmanship is supported because the participants must develop a product from given materials that is ready for competition. This approach will also help to sharpen the sense to see possibilities for recycling. The conversion of waste is the focus, here.

  • France


    based on a consumer questionnaire on reusable packaging the project now focuses on the possibility of going without packaging using the example of food. A sustainable snack is planned and handed out.
    Related to the reuse of raw materials is a visit to Airbus Industries. There it will be analyzed how raw materials can be reused in the built of aircrafts. This practical example shows the economic possibilities of reuse. In addition, forward-looking systems as well as requirements for the education of future co-workers and the creation of new jobs will be discussed.

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Reuse


Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Visit of Trifyl

Visit of Trifyl

a waste recovery and sorting centre

Hafencity - Hamburg

Hafencity - Hamburg

The Hamburg HafenCity is an example of urban redevelopment carried out in modern times

  • Visit Trifyl

    Visit Trifyl

  • Team work

    Team work

  • Genova - Italy

    Genova - Italy

  • Hamburg


  • Albi


  • “I love the project Oskarrr because the human contact is wonderful and we can learn other cultures and it’s very interesting”

    Salomé // French student

  • “I liked so much the fact that Germany and Italy are two countries really open-minded about the different styles of clothes.”

    Camille // French student
    “Great work indeed! Recycling is such an inportant issue nowadays. A greener future must be built all together!”

    Angela M. // Techer

  • “Congratulations on dealing with students in order to build awareness about what is possible to do in our everyday lives  through simple but important actions.”

    Emanuela B. // Techer

Project Partners

Albi - France

Herford - Germany

Casalpusterlengo - Italy